Me, Myself, My Species

Written by Stefanie on April 12, 2008 – 11:48 am - 1 Comment »

Saving the planet Earth?

Saving the planet?

Well, I think this is such an externalized way to look at it. The planet will probably be fine. Will the environment be safe for human habitation? That is the question.

People are becoming increasingly health conscious. This consciousness leads to larger concerns.
Global warming and ecological issues are taking on an increasingly prominent position in the public mind. Basic needs are threatened–food supply, water supply, the air we breathe–what can we do?

Well, I wish I had all the answers , but at least I know a good place to start. I recommend UCS–Union of Concerned Scientists.

Global warming action
Renewable energy info
Car sharing

To contact your senators and representatives the number for the switchboard at the Capitol is (202)224-3121. Urge your legislators to support strong, science-based global warming policy.

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